Access Roles

GEMS Duties

GEMS roles closely resemble those roles a department would have established for budgeting, personnel, and payroll processes. The level of security given will be determined by the GEMS role being undertaken.  These are roles are defined below under GEMS Role Definitions.

  • Attendance and Leave Coordinator – uses GEMS to maintain attendance and leave records for a department or unit.  Can approve or deny leave on behalf of a supervisor.  Performs leave audits. Need Leave Coordinator role.
  • Appointment Processor – uses GEMS to confirm or determine need for correction of appointment-related data. Updates are provided via paper. Need Department Rep role.
  • Pay Distributor – uses GEMS to confirm or provide updated information regarding the distribution of pay among various authorized accounts.  Request Pay Distribution role.  Who can input pay distribution? The departments will establish which individuals will complete the appointment/position pay distribution forms.  The authority to input on-line pay distribution requires the completion of the GEMS3 Access form and one-on-one training, which is conducted by University Payroll.
  • Reporter - uses GEMS to develop and run reports and public queries.  There are 2 levels of Reporter with Reporter 1 having access to develop and run reports and Reporter 2 having access to run or create reports with minimal data security restrictions.  Reporter1 is included with Department Rep role.

GEMS Role Definitions

Access to GEMS is determined by a security role and is related to the duties the user has in managing Budget, Human Resources, and/or Payroll information. Access granted to data in one area (for example: HR Data) does not imply access would need to be granted to GEMS data in other areas.

Training requirements are broken down by user role.  To find out more about training that is required and recommended for specific user roles, please view the GEMS Role Definitions.  Please see the Recommended Pre-Class Training information below prior to registering for Instructor Led Training through the HR Organizational Development.


GEMS Security Roles are assigned to user classes as follows:

Basic Access (INQUIRE) - This user class is designed for general users in the University Community to access non-confidential and non-sensitive information from GEMS.

  • Please use the standard GEMS Access Form to request an ID for this role, only supervisor approval is required.
  • Users have view capability only and may not update any records.
  • Information available to users in this class includes position data and general information related to employees (such as Name, Department, Account, Class Code, FTE and Appointment data).
  • Normally, users are not required to attend a formal training session, but basic GEMS training is recommended.
  • Identified user groups that should have this role include: General Access, Parking, Library, ID card, Campus Rec, USF Post Office and any other group that needs to verify that an employee is active or look up people by department.
  • Training Course Code: GEM100

Effort InquireThis class is for users who need to look up PERT Effort Reports related to grant funded research.


  • Training Course Code: GEM100

Effort RepresentativeThis class is for users who need to process PERT Effort Reports related to grant funded research for their department.


  • Training Course Code: GEM100

The following user roles require the approval of the appropriate Dean/Director/Designee and the Division of Human Resources.   The requestor may also be required to complete appropriate training prior to the permission being granted.  Each role will specify below what is needed.

Department Rep (GEMS2)This user class is for users in the University Community that need to access confidential and/or sensitive information from GEMS as part of a job that supports a department\division\college wide function.


  • Users are able to view more information than INQUIRE users and are able to create personalized queries and reports.
  • Updates to appointment and position information are not permitted.
  • Typically users in this class are responsible for providing data related to positions and employees to HR, Payroll and/or Budgets and/or users responsible for the reporting of official data on behalf of the University, such as EOA and IRP.
  • Identified Roles that may have access to this user class include: Certifier, Preparer, Appointment Processor, Pay Distributor, and Budget Officer.
  • Reporting and query development for confidential and sensitive data excluding deduction and benefit plan data is automatically granted to all users assigned to the GEMS2 role (Reporter 1).

Advice PrintThis class is for department users who need to provide printed pay stubs to employees.


  • Training Course Code: GEM100

Leave CoordinatorThis class is for users who manage leave records in GEMS for their department\division\college.


Pay Distribution (GEMS3)This class is for users that enter pay distribution information


  • Users in this class have all the same privileges as GEMS2 and have the additional ability to enter pay distribution information directly into GEMS.
  • Granting GEMS3 access to other users is granted on a case-by-case basis by University Payroll.

Training RoleThis class is for users who provide official university training to employees and track course enrollment through GEMS.


  • Users are required to complete appropriate GEMS training.
  • Training Course Code: GEM100

Reporter-1 - This user class is added to all users with GEMS2 or GEMS3 access


  • Users in this class are permitted to develop and run reports.
  • Reporter 1 users have access to public queries and can create customized reports for their departments.
  • Training Course Code: GEM100

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