Note: Do not use Internet Explorer 10 with GEMS 9.2 because there is a known issue with Internet Explorer 10.  It is recommended that Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 11 be used instead.

Scheduled Downtime

FAST, GEMS, and GEMS Self Service routine PeopleSoft maintenance window is scheduled on Sundays from 4:00am – 12:00pm. If maintenance is scheduled, these systems may be unavailable during this time.

Performance Issues

Software and performance issues need to be logged for tracking purposes.  Please log a service ticket through the USF Information Technology Help Desk.  Your issue will be logged and a response to your request will be addressed as soon as possible.  The issue will be tracked and reported in order to improve system performance.

Continuous ‘Processing’ Message

Please keep in mind that some functions may take more processing time than others. Only try these steps once you are sure the “Processing” message has been there an excessive period of time (e.g. several minutes to Add a new Requisition).  Use the “Stop” button on your browser, then follow the steps listed for resolving a “Page Cannot be Displayed” error.

Slow Performance / Page Cannot be Displayed

Users should periodically clear their browsers cache and cookies to allow the browser to function more efficiently.  Visit the Browser Cache / Cookies page to find out how to clear your browsers cache and cookies.

Multiple Sessions of FAST/GEMS

Users can open and use multiple PeopleSoft sessions which could be a combination of FAST, GEMS, and GEMS Self Service.  Users will have to sign into myUSF and must re-authenticate using their NetID credentials each time they want to open a new session of FAST, GEMS, or GEMS Self Service.  This will ensure that the new session  is independent of a previously opened session.

Page Errors While Using Internet Explorer

A small yellow triangle with an exclamation point has been noted on the bottom of Internet Explorer browser by users. This triangle does not interfere with the process that the user was attempting to do in FAST or GEMS. The issue is the display on the internet explorer browser, to troubleshoot please CLICK HERE.

Security Warning





If you choose “No” 100% of the time then you may want to configure Internet Explorer not to prompt you.

Go to Tools, Internet Options
Select the “Security” tab
Click the “Custom Level” button
Find the “Miscellaneous” section
Find the  “Display mixed content” subsection
Change selection from “Prompt” to “Enable”
Click OK to close the Security Settings dialog
Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog

Configure IE for FAST, GEMS, and SharePoint Portals

Users have reported that query results do not open in Excel and users have reported a pop-up prompt when visiting GEMS, FAST, and SharePoint Portals.  The following information will assist to:

  • Allow authorized query users to Run Queries to Excel
  • Suppress the Mixed Content Pop-up prompt when visiting GEMS, FAST, and SharePoint Portals

To configure IE for FAST, GEMS, and SharePoint Portals CLICK HERE.

Null Message Warning When Approving Job Opening

Please be aware that you many encounter a null message warning during the Job Opening approval process, see screen shot below.   Message is intermittent and not all users encounter it.  Should you encounter it, please do not be alarmed as it does not prohibit the approval.  The approval processes through without issue and the approval notifications are sent as expected.  ORACLE will be releasing a patch for this bug on August 18, 2014.  Once patch is released, it will be applied and thoroughly tested then migrated to GEMSPRO.  With this in mind, we ask that you please refrain from submitting help desk tickets about this issue as it has been identified and will be addressed.




Disable Auto Complete Feature

PeopleSoft provides a new “Auto-Complete” feature where the system suggests values for fields.
While typing, the cursor may jump back to the beginning of line causing errors in the inputted value. We have found this to be true when there is hesitation or lag in typing, the feature is attempting to lookup what you have partially entered.

If you prefer to work without this feature you can disable the “Auto-Complete” feature by following the instructions below:

1. Sign into FAST/GEMS.
2. From the Main Menu, select ‘My Personalizations’.
3. On the ‘Personalizations’ screen, select ‘Personalize Navigation Personalizations’.
4. For ‘Autocomplete’, select ‘No’ from the dropdown list.  Then click the ‘OK’ button.
5. On the ‘Save Confirm’ screen, click the ‘Return’ button.

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