Running Queries in FAST

The Financial Accounting System (FAST) has a wide variety of queries providing detailed information for all modules. Queries may be either public or private.  Public queries may be run by any individual who has access to FAST.  Private queries may be run only by the individual who created the query.

To learn how to run a public query, review the query training manual.

How to Navigate -  Queries in FAST

Public queries may be run by any individual who has access to FAST.  Log into FAST and follow these navigation steps:

  • Reporting Tools > Query >Query Manager

To use the Advanced Search Option use this navigation:

  • Reporting Tools >  Query >  Query Manager > Click the Advanced Search button

This will give you more ways to search by using other operators.  For instance, change the operator to Query Name “contains” a particular phrase or group of letters.  Try Query Name “contains” AP (for accounts payable queries).

Running Reports From Finance Mart

Certified departmental financial reports can be run on demand from the Finance Mart located in the MyUSF Portal. Use your NetID and password to log into MyUSF.  Inside the portal, navigate to Business Systems on the top menu, then click on Data Marts. Another window will open, now click on Finance Mart.

Instructions for running a report are available in the Help Guide located to the right of RSA Summary Output Search Criteria.

FAST Query

There are many useful public queries available to staff to assist in daily administrative tasks.  For a list of available handy public queries please see the UCO Online Training page.

For assistance or more information please contact Mark Devore:

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