Users are required to attend training before being issued a user ID and password for the Financial Accounting System (FAST).  Please see the following forms & instructions required to gain access to FAST.  It is important that users acquire their own access and not use another employee’s ID to access FAST.

For information about FAST access please contact the University Controller’s Office (813) 974-2286.  For questions regarding security access please contact

Note: Do not save these forms as revisions will occur without notice.  Forms are revised as needed and using an old form may cause a delay in processing your request.

FAST Access Request Form: New request, make changes to or cancel FAST access.

  • It is important that you thoroughly describe how you will be using FAST on the form in order to receive all areas of access needed.  The person requesting the FAST User ID signs the first page of the FAST Access Form and the accountable officer signs the second page.
  • If you need to use the Purchasing system to purchase goods or services complete the Workflow Request form.  Be sure the Procure to Pay (P2P) roles on the Workflow Request form corresponds to the P2P roles checked on the FAST Access Request form.
  • Attach the completed Workflow Request Form to the FAST Access Request Form and send via campus mail to: AOC 200, ATTN: Nancy DellaPorte, ‘FAST Access’.
  • Note: Designees’ signatures will not be accepted.

FAST Workflow Request for Purchasing: New request, make changes to or cancel requisition roles.

  • Use this form to add or delete Accountable Officers, Designees, Requisition Approvers and Requisition Managers. (If the user does not have Requisition Approver or Manager security, submit a Fast Access Request for this purpose. Roles on both forms should match.)
  • Accountable Officers may email this form in Excel format directly to with their approval. Otherwise, forms should be signed and mailed to Fast Security at AOC 200.

FAST Workflow Request for Travel: New request, make changes to or cancel Travel Approver Workflow assignments.

  • Use this form to request new Access for Travel Submitters or Approvers; to delete Access for Travel Submitters or Approvers, and to request changes to existing Approver Workflow set up not requiring new Access.
  • To request changes to Delegate Assignments that do not require new FAST Access, the Delegate Assignment Request Form, found on the Travel Department Website, should be submitted directly to the Travel Help Desk. (Remember, Delegates submit travel for others.)

Additional Forms

Asset Management Property Forms

Billing Correction:  Request a change to a customer bill.

Deposit Transmittal

Distribution Code/Charge Code: Request a new distribution code or charge code or request a change to existing distribution codes or charge codes.

Electronic Payment Authorization: Request a vendor be paid electronically.

Journal Entry Template: Used to transfer expenditures by correcting the chart-field string.

Refund Request / FAST Customers: Request a refund for a FAST customer.

Refund Request / FAST Non-Customers : Request a refund for a FAST non-customer.

Purchasing Services Forms

University Controller’s Office Forms

Accountable Officer / Signature Authorization Information (For Transaction Approval)

Accountable Officer and Accountable Officer Designee data is accessible in FAST.  Instructions on how to access this information, as well as Req Approver and Req Manager information are available in this document:  Accountable Officer and Signature Authorization Information – FAST Navigation Look Up

Each department should review all approval roles for a specified chartfield (Project, Initiative, (Unique) Fund code, or OU/Department) to ensure the appropriate individuals have been established to authorize financial transactions.  Updates should be submitted, as applicable, to insure financial transactions are not returned due to lack of appropriate authorization.

Staff in central departments will use this information to validate authorizations for both electronic (requisitions, expenditure transfers) and paper-based transactions (on-campus purchases, payment request forms, security access forms, etc.) and will return transactions that have not been properly approved.  Signature cards are required to be on file for all authorized individuals.

Authorized individuals are those with a role of Accountable Officer, Accountable Officer Designee, or Req Manager. Only accountable officers can approve changes in FAST security access or purchasing workflow.

Several forms have been revised to facilitate requesting FAST access, workflow, and signatory authority.  Please use the links above for for all requests.

Important points about the new forms:

  • Employee ID information is now required on both forms for each user.
  • New employees do not need to sign the FAST access request form so departments now have an opportunity to request access to FAST before a new employee begins working, as long as an Employee ID has been assigned to them.
  • Signature cards are required for each person designated as an Accountable Officer, Accountable Officer Designee, or Req Manager.

For questions or assistance, please contact Mark Devore at

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