The following modules are used on the Financial Accounting System (FAST). Users that need assistance should contact the relevant FAST Core Lead Team member for the specific module in question.

Accounts PayableThis module is used to automate voucher processing, to pay vendors in a timely manner for products and services purchased by USF.
Accounts ReceivableThis module is used to record all money due from USF customers. It is also used to record payments (through Cashiering) and to provide information for management.
Asset ManagementThis module is used to track fixed assets that exceed the state capitalization level. Assets include tangible property, buildings, building improvements, art, books, and vehicles.
BillingThis module is used to create billing statements for items sold to outside customers.
BudgetThis module is used to manage your spending authority and to manage your money.
Commitment ControlThis module works with the budget module to help departments manage their spending authority and money.
General LedgerThis module is used to support accounting operations and to provide information to end users and management.
Grants ManagementThis module is used to manage the sponsored grants that are awarded to USF faculty. This module helps control grant funds and provides the information and reporting required by grant sponsors.
Project CostingThis module is used to record cash flow and expenses for USF construction projects.
PurchasingThis module is used to purchase products and services from vendors.
TravelThis module is used to request prior approval to travel via Travel Authorizations and to submit/process Travel Expense Reports.

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