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Project PA2PS
Transition from PeopleAdmin (PA) to PeopleSoft (PS)
Frequently Asked Questions
January 18, 2013

The following are initial questions and answers regarding the transition from PA to PS (PA2PS). As we move closer to the March 18 implementation date, more detailed FAQs will be made available. If you have specific questions that you would like addressed in the FAQs, please send them via e-mail to: Your questions will be answered in upcoming PA2PS FAQs.

General Questions

1. What are PeopleAdmin (PA) and PeopleSoft (PS)?

PeopleAdmin is the current application the university uses to support Careers@USF.  PeopleSoft, which is also known as GEMS, is a multifaceted Human Resource Information System.  The university will implement new PS modules to replace the PeopleAdmin application.  These new modules will still be referred to as Careers@USF.

2. Why is PA being replaced and what is it being replaced with?

The application currently being used (PeopleAdmin) to support USF’s job-posting and applicant-tracking system (Careers@USF) will be replaced with comparable PeopleSoft (GEMS) software.

The improved Careers@USF will result in the following:

  • Significant annual savings to the university by eliminating the current 3rd party vendor.Improved efficiency through the use of a common database.
  • Improved reporting capabilities – With all candidate and posting information in GEMS, data will be available to users via the PeopleSoft query tool.
  • Smooth transition – Since most of the current employee users are experienced with GEMS and FAST applications, navigation within the new program will have a familiar “look and feel.”
  • Ability to further simplify and upgrade PeopleSoft functionality, such as manager self-service, based on future needs.

3. When will the system be replaced?

The scheduled date to transition from PA to PS is Monday, March 18. Please see the Transition section of this document for further information regarding this move.

Transition from PA to PS

1. Will job postings in PA automatically transfer to PS?

No, job postings that exist in PA before the March 18 transition date will not be automatically transferred to PS.

2. What does this mean for departments needing to post positions during the transition period?

For the department side, the easiest way to make this transition will be to follow the transition plan provided below or to wait until the March 18 date to post positions in the new PS system.

3.Transition Plan – When to stop posting in PA? When to wait to post in PS?

In general, the anticipated duration of the posting and the urgency to fill the position need to be taken into consideration in determining when and where to post your opening.

The following is a recommended transition plan for posting openings:

  • If the opening occurs on or before Feb. 18 and is a 30 day posting or less, post in PA.
  • If the opening occurs on or before Feb. 25 and is a 21 day posting or less, post in PA.
  • If the opening occurs on or before March 4 and is a 14 day posting or less, post in PA.
  • If the opening occurs on or before March 11 and is a 7 day posting or less, post in PA.

If the dates above cannot be met, the solution with the least complications will be to hold the position post until the March 18 transition date to PS.

4. What if I have an urgent posting that cannot wait until March 18?

If the position cannot be held until March 18, the position will need to be posted in PA. If a complete candidate pool is not achieved by the transition date, the position will need to be reposted in PS on or after March 18.

  • In this situation, the hiring department will have two sources for their candidates – PA and PS.
  • The hiring department will have access to the candidate information (applications and attachments) through PA until Monday, April 15. After April 15, candidate information will be accessible to the hiring department through an electronic source that is currently under construction.

5. What if I am unsure about the best solution for the needs of my posting?

Because there are so many different scenarios that may occur, we are here to help. Please contact the Manager of your HR Service Center or the HR Representative from your Regional HR Department to discuss your specific scenario and determine the best approach to filling your position.

6. If we are holding a post until March 18, can we get into the PS system before the transition date so the posting will go live on March 18 with the new system?

Unfortunately, the PS production environment will not be available for use until March 18. Any new postings or re-postings from PA must be entered into PS on or after March 18.

7. Will PA be available after March 18?

Beginning March 18, all new postings and candidate applications to these postings must be processed using PS. From March 18 to April 15, PA will still be available, but ONLY for processing candidates that have applied to openings in PA. After April 15, PA will officially be discontinued and candidate information will be accessible to the hiring department through an electronic source that is currently under construction.

8. Will I have access to my department’s historic information in PA after the transition?

Between March 18 and April 15, you will have access to PA’s candidate information (applications and attachments) and your department’s historic information. All other functions, such as updating a position or creating a posting, will only be processed through PS. After April 15, hiring departments will have access to their historic PA candidate applications and attachments through an electronic source that is currently under construction.

9. Will position and candidate information stored in PA be uploaded to PS?

Job specifications and position descriptions currently in PA will be uploaded to PS. However, there will be no historic candidate information loaded into PS. This information, including applications and attachments, will be accessible through an electronic source that is currently under construction.

PeopleSoft Functionality

1. Will I be able to request a new position and update/modify current positions through PS?

Yes, all of the current functionality that was available through PA will be available in PS.

2. Will I need to recreate all of my department’s position descriptions in PS?

No, job specifications and position descriptions used in PA will be uploaded to PS and available to users.

3. What improvements and/or enhancements will I experience in PS that PA did not have?

PS offers a great deal of additional functionality that PA did not offer. Initially, the PS application will have similar functionality compared to what PA has offered. Users will immediately see enhanced workflow that will improve communications and productivity. In the future, additional PS functionality will be investigated and implemented to further enhance productivity.

4. How often will position and candidate information be updated in PS?

Since all of the position and candidate information is stored in the GEMS database, all updates are real-time.

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