Off-Campus Access

Accessing FAST/GEMS Off-Campus

USF Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The USF Virtual Private Network,, is designed to allow university faculty, staff, and students to securely access USF’s network services as if they were on campus via the Internet.  For more information about the USF VPN please click here.

For more information please see the IT FAQs below:

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

As an alternative to VPN, if you have Windows on your office PC, you can connect via Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application.  Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application allows you to access your USF domain office computer from any other computer, such as your home PC, and work as if you were actually in the office.

For more information please see the IT FAQ below:

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac:

Accessing FAST/GEMS On-Campus

The preferred method for accessing FAST/GEMS/Self-Service on campus is to logon through the myUSF Portal using your NetID and password.  Please view the Logon / Passwords page for more information on accessing FAST/GEMS on campus.

System Support

Users who have technical issues are advised to view the resource pages under the ‘HELP’ menu bar.  If a solution to your issue is not found, users should contact the USF Information Technology Help Desk detailing the technical issue.  Please visit the ‘HELP: System Support‘ page for more information.

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