FAST Listserv

A Listserv is an electronic mailing list which allows a sender to send an email to many subscribers.  It is highly recommended that you subscribe to the FAST Listserv because it provides users with an easy way to stay in touch about FAST as messages about changes, additions, and system outages are often sent via the FAST Listserv.

Please utilize the LISTSERV’s Web Interface to join, leave, or change your subscription settings and preferences for the FAST Listserv.

To confirm your identity and prevent third parties from subscribing you to a list against your will, an email message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specify after submitting your subscription request.  Follow the instructions on this email to confirm your subscription to the FAST Listserv.

Your subscription request will be canceled automatically if the LISTSERV does not receive your confirmation within 48 hours. After that time, you must start over and resubscribe to get a new confirmation code. If you change your mind and decide that you do not want to confirm your subscription, then simply discard the email message and let the request expire on its own.

You may leave the FAST Listserv at any time by utilizing the LISTSERV’s Web Interface or by sending an email with “SIGNOFF FAST-LIST” (without the quotes) as the  text of your message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ADMIN.USF.EDU.

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