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About the Higher Education User Group

The Higher Education User Group (HEUG) is an international organization consisting of higher education institutions that use application software from the Oracle Corporation.  Its two overarching goals are to facilitate sharing of ideas, information and experiences among its members, and to provide a unified and effective voice to Oracle on all issues involving the use of Oracle application software in the higher education community.

The HEUG represents hundreds of member institutions and thousands of individuals across the globe. It includes a wide range of institutions, from community colleges, to small liberal arts colleges, to huge research universities and even entire state university systems. It includes public and private institutions and (as associate members) for-profit institutions.  Click here for more information about HEUG.

USF Institutional Member

The University of South Florida is an Institutional Member of HEUG.  Any USF employee is eligible to sign up for an account on HEUG Online (www.heug.org) for free.  Users have access to all the features of HEUG Online.  Click here to request a logon.

Institutional Member Benefits

  • Enables our employees to attend the Alliance Conference at reduced Institutional Member rate.
  • Enables our employees to attend unlimited HEUG Education Series webinars at no charge. (Each are $59 to attend per person)
  • Starting with Alliance 2011, our employees will be able to access Alliance session recordings. This will enhance the conference educational benefits long after the conference is over.
  • Enables our employees to be eligible to serve on the HEUG Board to gain additional exposure for USF with Oracle.
  • Enables our employees to be eligible to serve on the HEUG Product Advisory Groups and Technical Advisory Groups to gain additional exposure for USF with Oracle.
  • Enables our employees to have access to all of the communication & collaboration tools available:
  • Forums (list serves) on a broad spectrum of functional and technical topics
  • File Library, containing documents ranging from RFP’s to application code
  • News from the HEUG Board, Product Advisory Groups, member institutions, Oracle and other vendors
  • Issues Tracker, which allows member institutions to post, view and provide input on ideas for future enhancements to the products
  • Group Profiles that allow you to see what institutions may have similar characteristics to yours, and/or similar Oracle products
  • Search features that allow you to find the information you need in any of these areas

Alliance Conference

The Alliance Conference is an annual event for all higher education, government, and public sector users of Oracle applications.  The Alliance conference is organized and managed by the Higher Education User Group.  This is the one annual event where you can network with over 3000+ users to discuss applications, implementations, challenges, and successes.  With over 450+ user driven sessions and more than 20 tracks, there will be opportunities for you to learn and network with your peers.  Click here for more information about the Alliance Conference.


  • The USF Institutional Primary Contact for HEUG is Barbara Rosenke-Sweeney, Director, Business Systems Reengineering.
  • Should you have questions about the HEUG website, please contact support@heug.org.
  • Should you have questions about USF as an Institutional Member of HEUG, please contact help@usf.edu. Please be sure to reference ‘HEUG’ in the subject line description.

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