Careers@USF: Job Opening/Applicant Employment Application Improvements

Effective Thursday, August 8th, we are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the Job Opening/Applicant Employment Application:

Attachments Column

On the ‘Manage Applicants’ tab, for the Job Opening page, there will be a new ‘Attachments’ column between the existing Resume and Application Columns.  If an applicant has additional attachments, a paperclip will now appear under the ‘Attachments’ column.  When you click on the paperclip, a new web page (or tab) will open.  The original job opening web page will still be available for your usage.

Applicant Attachments Page

The ‘Applicant Attachments’ page permits you to open the additional attachments.  Note: Since these attachments are associated with the applicant, and not this specific job opening, you may see attachments for other purposes.  The Descriptions, and Last Updated date, associated with these attachments will assist you in finding the pertinent attachment for this applicant/job opening.  Click on each attachment you wish to review.  These attachments will also open in a new web page (or tab). Once you have completed reviewing these additional attachments, you may close each of the web pages (or tabs) for each document and the listing of Attachments.  You may then use the original job opening page to continue to navigate through other applicants’ attachments.

PDF Employment Application

A new Employment Application will now be available for your on-line review or as a hardcopy printout.  You will reach this new application in the same way you retreived the old application, by clicking on the icon in the Application column - on the Manage Applicants tab of the Job Opening Page.  The new PDF formatted Employment Application includes all information plus we’ve added the work history Duties / Responsibilities comments.   Also included, is the entire questionnaire and the answers provided by the applicant. Please click on the screenshot below to view  a sample of Rocky Bull’s complete application.

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