Careers@USF – Training Plan

The Careers@USF transition from PeopleAdmin to PeopleSoft (PA2PS) continues to be right on track for the March 18 implementation date. As this date approaches, many of the questions and/or concerns the PA2PS implementation team has received have been about training.

Our primary concern throughout this implementation is making sure our Careers@USF users feel comfortable and confident as they begin using the new application. We have learned through past implementations that training is most effective when it occurs just before the users are able to begin working in the new system. Therefore, the training for the new PeopleSoft application will take place “Just in Time.”

Careers@USF Training Plan

Training will first begin with a small, selected group of Careers@USF users over the next couple of weeks in order to help the PA2PS implementation team test the new system’s functionality, approvals and notifications.

Training will then take place in late February and early March for the users who will have an immediate need after implementation to use Careers@USF to post openings and source applicants. The HR Service Center managers will soon be working with department contacts to establish and communicate the training schedule and locations.

The training will be conducted in sessions that will include hands-on exercises. By the end of these sessions, users will have a solid grasp of how to use the new application. If any additional questions arise after the training is complete, a trained support team will be available to answer questions and provide assistance as the application moves into production.

For users that do not have an immediate need to learn the new application, training sessions will be offered on a regular basis, with upcoming online training options to be available as well.

Please let us know what questions you may have regarding the project by sending them via e-mail to:  All questions and/or concerns regarding the project will be answered on the PA2PS Project FAQ webpage.

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