New Independent Contractor Form

For some months now, a cross functional university team has been working to upgrade the independent contractor form.  Our aim has been to provide clearer guidance in this sometimes challenging area to better facilitate proper worker classification for individuals.   The new form is titled “Independent Contractor – Consulting and Professional Services Worksheet”.  Detailed instructions are available as a separate document.  They are available at the following link:

This will be the required form for all independent contractor agreements and requisitions approval and will be accepted immediately.  We are asking the USF community to please transition to the new form as soon as possible.  Please always also use the link to retrieve the form as it may be updated periodically.   Effective December 1, 2012, contracts and requisitions submitted without the CURRENT version on the link above will be returned for proper documentation.

The decision to classify a worker as an employee vs. an independent contractor is a complex one.  USF Departments must adhere to IRS rules and regulations directing the decision about whether to pay as an employee or an independent contractor – there are internal revenue code, treasury regulations, and previous court cases that prescribe how, why and when to pay an individual in each particular situation with potential penalties and interest to the USF Departments for noncompliance.  The submitted information helps us efficiently verify the correct worker classification status and payment processing procedures are being used as well as mitigate the significant risk of misclassification.

George Cotter
Associate Director Purchasing Services

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