New Update on Year End PO Rollover

Last month we notified you that we have identified and are working on budget encumbrance issues related to year end PO rollover.  We would like to brief you on our progress so far. 

Recognizing the urgency, IT, UCO, Purchasing and Business Systems Reengineering (BSR) quickly formed a special team to tackle the issues. At this point the team has completed the following steps with great effort:

1)      Identified that the cause of the double encumbrance is due to an Oracle change introduced in v9.1

2)      Consulted with Oracle to confirm the fact that this is a “bug”

3)      Reviewed the recommended consolidated fix and the estimated schedule for implementation

4)      Analyzed numerous possible solutions and recommended a technical solution

5)      Tested the technical solution with all functional areas participating in the test

6)      Implemented the solution on August 1st to stop additional erroneous encumbrances for rolled purchase orders

7)      Resumed processing purchase order change requests

The effort to correct the erroneous data created from these rolled POs is expected to last through Friday, 8/17/12.  We greatly appreciate your patience while the process of data cleanup is completed.  Meanwhile, please report any new issue you might notice in FAST via Thank you for your attention and support, we know this has been challenging for all of us.

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