New Process for Departmental Computer Purchases

Effective August 06, 2012 FAST purchasing will be mandatory for all departmental Computer Store purchases.  The Interdepartmental Billing process will no longer be used for departmental Computer Store purchases after August 6, 2012.  P-card transactions will not change and will continue to use the existing policies and procedures.

The NEW Computer Store purchasing process is as follows:

  1. The Department Requisition Initiator will create a requisition based on the quote provided by the Computer Store.
  2. The Department Requisition Approver will approve the requisition.
  3. Once the Requisition is approved by the Department Approver, workflow will send it to the Computer Store to be sourced to a purchase order.  The Computer Store will work with the Department to resolve any issues prior to sourcing the PO.
  4. The Computer Store will handle ALL the purchasing steps for the Department once they source the PO.
  5. The Computer Store will deliver the items to the Department (via courier, campus delivery or pick up) and get signed confirmation of delivery.
  6. The Computer Store Business Office will enter the FAST receipt from the delivery confirmation. (This process can take up to 72 hours.)
  7. No information needs to be provided to Accounts Payable by the Department.  Once the FAST Receipt is created by the Computer Store staff, the invoice will be eligible for vouchering in the FAST system. The vouchers created will be required to run through the nightly Accounts Payable matching and budget checking processes. The vouchers that are matched and pass budget checking will be eligible for payment.

Please view the Job Aid for complete details of this new process. For additional assistance or questions please contact the Computer Store at or 813-974-1779, choose option # 3.

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