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Reconcilers/Delegates Unreconciled PCard Transactions Pagelet – Individual Rollout

Beginning today, PCard Reconcilers and Travel Delegates have a new pagelet available for their FAST Home Page.  This pagelet is personalized for each reconciler, and delegate, and only shows unreconciled PCard transactions for their PCard Holders and/or Travelers.  If you are both a … Continue reading

FAST Downtime Notice – Sunday, August 18th 7 AM to 9 AM

FAST will be down this coming Sunday, August 18th beginning at 7 AM.  This downtime is necessary to upgrade our Oracle Database.  This is a minor Oracle Database version upgrade and is not expected to take more than a couple of hours.  … Continue reading

Updates from Purchasing

Rollover 2013-2014 is complete.   Departments should review results on the Purchasing Services website and in Fast using public year end queries.  Budget errors must be cleared by 5:00 PM, Friday, 7/12/2013 or Purchase Orders in error will be closed. Requisition roles … Continue reading

Quick Corrective Maintenance on GEMS and FAST

IT needs to perform corrective maintenance on the GEMS and FAST systems from 12:15PM to 1PM on 7/1/2013.  While the activity is intended to be non-disruptive, some connections may be impacted requiring users to login again. Thank you for your … Continue reading

Reminder 2 – Fiscal Year End Closing

FAST is now closed to Travel users, Travel Approvers, Requisition Initiators, and Requisition Approvers/Managers for Fiscal Year End. The system is scheduled to reopen on JULY 8, 2013. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. You may click here for more … Continue reading