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Upcoming Downtime for FASTPRO

Scope of What’s Occurring: IT would like to install the ORACLE PSU 12 patch in FASTPRO.  This patch has been in FASTTEST since April and no issues have been identified with it. What Does This Mean to You: FASTPRO will … Continue reading

FAST 9.2 Upgrade

We are going to upgrade FAST to a newer version! This new version will allow the university to remain on a contractual vendor supported software version in addition to providing various system enhancements, improved system performance, resolutions for known issues, … Continue reading

Reconcilers/Delegates Unreconciled PCard Transactions Pagelet – Individual Rollout

Beginning today, PCard Reconcilers and Travel Delegates have a new pagelet available for their FAST Home Page.  This pagelet is personalized for each reconciler, and delegate, and only shows unreconciled PCard transactions for their PCard Holders and/or Travelers.  If you are both a … Continue reading

FAST Downtime Notice – Thursday, August 22nd After 6:10 PM

FAST will be down today after 6:10 PM for about 15 minutes in order to apply an important Oracle patch to ensure that we have smooth operation in FAST. Please save your work before the downtime. Thank you for your … Continue reading

Updates from Purchasing

Rollover 2013-2014 is complete.   Departments should review results on the Purchasing Services website and in Fast using public year end queries.  Budget errors must be cleared by 5:00 PM, Friday, 7/12/2013 or Purchase Orders in error will be closed. Requisition roles … Continue reading